Research Areas

In this section you can find my main lines of research and topics in which I work and why.

You can contact if any of these topics is of interest to you and believe that it may lead to writing a paper together. Here is a compilation of the most important research areas in my academic life:

  • Social Sustainability: I study this issue because is an important aspect for social studies. It is important to have a sustainable society to avoid problems of social exclusion in order to minimize NEET phenomenum.
  • Youth employability: I study this topic because it is an aspect that is very topical today. In addition, one of the most vulnerable groups, along with the long-term unemployed, are the young. That is why I study this aspect of society.
  • Risk of Poverty and Exclusion: The risk aspect of poverty and / or social exclusion is an important issue to analyze the NEET problem, which is one of the factors used to explain youth unemployment.

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