International Research Visiting

  • Constantin Brancusi University. I was three months as a research visitor at the University of Constantin Brancusi, which is in Targu - Jiu, Gorj, Romania. I was with some teachers getting a very good friendship with Diana Tirca.
  • Oxford University: I was three months as a recognised student at the Latin American Centre, in Oxford University. This department is part of the St. Anthony's College. There I meet very good people. I'm very greatful to be in there because of the high level of the University and the high level of people who study in there. I have been fortunate to have received a course on poverty issues with Professor Sir Paul Collier, whom I had the opportunity to meet in person. This taught me how to move from an environment of poverty to an environment of prosperity. In addition, with this course, it made me reinforce the line of research on situations of risk of poverty and exclusion that I then took to analyze such an important aspect of youth unemployment as NEET people.

National Research Visiting

  • Universidade de Vigo - Campus de Ourense. I was three months as a research visitor at the Universidade de Vigo, on the campus of Ourense, Galicia. I was working with some teachers especially with Patricio Sánchez, from whom I learned a lot and I was able to help in areas of sports economy.
  • Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - Campus de Cantoblanco. At the moment, I am in a six months research stay at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, on the campus of Cantoblanco, Madrid. I am working with some teachers like Santos M. Ruesga, who was the supervisor of my doctoral dissertation.

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